Fabric City Under Water

Personal Work, 2015 - 2016

This is my master's thesis project from UC Berkeley and it wins the Berkeley Thesis Prize of "KMD Prize for Design Excellence in Digital Architecture." The main idea behind this design is based on a public vote for the reuse of the wasted quarry near Dumbarton Bridge in Fremont, California. People in Fremont vote to turn the quarry into a lake, which will become the center of a new park. However, this public decision is not implemented because there's not enough water to fill such a big quarry. Thus, I proposed this design to cover the quarry with a meticulously designed water surface supported by architectural structures. As a water surface only requires small mount of water to fill, this design fulfills its purpose to create a lake for a park with small amount of water while making a good use of the huge space within the quarry.